My New TENs EMS Device

tens machine

I got a Twin Stim EMS/TENS device from Roscoe Medical. Its a great little unit & has TENS, EMS, Interferential & Russian stim modes. There are several mode settings for each and many parameters such as frequency, wavelength etc can be modified. I have not gotten into that yet but took it with me on my trip down south.

I can say that out of the box its not as strong as my Chinese TENs which makes me numb but maybe if I change the settings it can do that? The Russian stim seems moderate but having used it on my biceps with very light flexing for 20 minutes – they were sore after for 2 days so that definitely works.

The interferential feels great too so what remains to be seen is if I can get more juice out of it. Works off main or battery & I assume they are made in Taiwan by this firm Everyway Medical

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