An easy way to take powdered supplements

I like to get my supplements in bulk powder form as I can get them way cheaper. Like two years worth for the same price as a months retail.

Now normally I will either stomach the supplements from a spoon which is pretty yuck but quick & easy or I stick them in my tea.

Some supps are just too gross to put in tea but others are just fine. Gelatin, pine pollen, creatine for example seem OK in tea.

I don’t drink regular tea I am talking green tea, ginseng tea etc.

OK so sitting at the bottom of my tea cup today was the remains of my gelatin infused with the supplements. I scraped it out & ate it – yum.

So you can make your own yum vitamin & supplement enriched chews out of gelatin. You can sweeten with whatever or not at all.

My gelatin I normally just drink in my tea. You can barely taste it & its fully liquid not viscous. Gelatin needs to sit for a while to harden & you need a fair amount in ratio to the liquid.

With my tea I have a flat tablespoon approximately. I don’t bother to measure it but I do know you should have 1/3 of your daily protein in collagen form.

However take too much & it accumulates in your kidneys where it forms scar tissue.

So do not use collagen as your number one protein source

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