Burning Ab Fat

Its time to lose that old belly fat. Man its the only place on my body that has a layer of fat – and I can do 1000 ab crunches straight. So much for spot reduction. What does work for me very quickly is long slow low intensity running. But after a week or two I get burned out.

This time I am swopping things around to try and avoid that burnout. I’m doing 20 minutes on the rower then 20 minutes on the … well I forgot the name for this machine but its just like a bicycle but you use your arms and hands not your legs, while standing. Then the rower for another 20 if i feel like it.

So this is upper body aerobics. In between these days I do weights and I will throw some running days in there too when the weather fines up. The problem for us weightlifters is that running gets dull – and like I said you get overtrained.

So I may experiment with some other stuff like hiking outdoors, playing squash and swimming.
I have to lose this belly fat, but I dont want to diet and lose muscle.

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