Calf Strain – Still not healed

My calf strain treatment was going well – I was totally free of any limp or pain two days ago.
Then I went for another physio session and a couple of hours later there was a lump in the calf. Must have been a bruise.

So now its very sore again and I cant stretch it. This is fucked up. Very frustrating. But really there is nothing I can do but follow the remedial advise from the physio.

Gentle stretching, once the pain is gone calf raises with body weight and deeper stretches.

No running or weight training on the calf until its been pain free for 1-2 weeks.

Luckily this is an easy injury to train around. I can do any exercise at all except running, squat or leg press and weighted calf raise.

So best to stay positive and train to the max doing what I can. With that in mind I’m off to the gym today for a heavy weights session, then a good sauna and spa.

calf strain

Moo – This is not the kind of calf strain I have

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