Google Distance Calculator for running

Man I just discovered something that kind of sucks.

Check out this site :

Its very cool and I have been using it to plan my runs. Basically I dont want you to make the mistake I made.

Heres the track I have been running:
victoria park auckland

As you can see the distance is 2.4 kms or 1.5 miles. So I thought I was doing great on my times on this track – OH OH – not true.

By chance I turned on satellite view :

victoria park satellite view

This gives me a much clearer image showing the tree lines and the actual track I run – as you can see its considerably different (shorter) than what I thought I was running.

An honest mistake that unfortunately means my run times are total shit – 11.30 for a 2.4 km run.
This is after I have blown my ass and told everybody how fast I was running the 1.5 mile.

Heres my real track again:

vic park auckland

I’m not pissed that I made this mistake – such is life.

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