Haemorrhoids and Exercise

Its over seven months since I first experienced the piles problem – that bout lasted two weeks. Now I have it again but only minor with no bleeding. Its been ten days now and its definitely improved.

I have only had this problem twice now and minor both times. The main problem is that you “CAN NOT” lift weight with these things. If you do they will balloon and you will never get rid of them.

If you have never had it – neither had I for 40 years.

OK so how can you maintain fitness with this ailment which is more like an injury that an illness symptomatically.

1. Swimming – ask your sports physician but swimming seems to be fine with mild to moderate Haemorrhoids

2. Yoga and stretching also seem to be OK if done without strain

3. The only way to prevent muscle atrophy with this condition will be EMS electro muscle stimulation

So thats all you can do – definitely no weights or running until the disease has run its course which is usually two weeks.

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