I have stubborn Arms !!!

Here are my Physique Pictures

Its not perfect as you can see. In fact there are two major things wrong with my bod.
front chest
front chest 2

front chest 3

1. My arms are too small for the rest of my body. All the rest has the proper bodybuilding proportions.

2. I’m a bit fat. I am smooth, my abs dont show and I have a bit of a pot gut from stuffing my face.

Positives –

I lose fat fast when I do aerobics (but I get overtrained).

I’m pretty strong and reckon I can gain strength from where I’m at now pretty fast.

I am in good general health.

My legs are lean and well developed proportionately.

I can do 1000 crunches easy. I bench more than my body weight easily.

Goals –

At present I am usually between 220 and 230 lbs at 5 ft 11 in. Steroid free for life.

I’d like to gain a couple of stone, get rid of the fat and enlarge my arms proportionately.
I’d like to increase over all size, strength and lean mass up to about 260 lbs.

At present I train 3-4 times per week. Splitting upper and lower body.
My workouts are 45 minutes and heavy. I do about 12 -16 sets per workout and some warmup.

My aerobics efforts are sporadic at best. I only run when its sunny and do about 45 minutes to
an hour on the rowing machine each week in total.

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One Response to “I have stubborn Arms !!!”

  • Frank Murphy says:

    I was wondering Gareth, about the rumour that fellas that work out become well you know, a little underdeveloped down there.
    Have you had that problem, seeing as you’ve been working out for so long and everything?
    I’m a bit worried that it’s going to shrink if I take to developing my muscles too much.
    Is there an exercise I can do to make it bigger?

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