Improvements to the website

If you got here through the main site homepage you will notice I have ditched all the ebay stuff on there.

I have also put a link to the free online version of my anatomy manual. Over the next few days I will set up a dedicated download area and a better store area that is inside the site.

I will also set up a video section – maybe some more too.

I could make an area for people to have a free fitness blog and online workout diary etc but I dont want to be dealing with spammers who are a big enough pain commenting on my various blogs.

Over the coming few weeks I would like to publish some of my material on amazon for sale. You guys will get an email via the mailing list when that happens.

As for training I had to take a layoff this week due to my hemroids coming back after 7 months without. Should be able to train again by monday I hope.

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