Male BodyBuilders – Get Your Blood IRON Checked !!!

Doctors can be so frustrating for us athletes. I’m still waiting to get my blood taken to correct my high Ferritin. Hopefully it will be sorted in a few days.

Anyway 1 in 15 sedentary, normal adults has high ferritin. High ferritin over time leads to cancer, stroke, heart disease etc.

One teaspoon of iron powder will kill any human adult – Iron is that toxic even though its an essential mineral and common in everyday life. Its actually also a deadly poison. Most lethal poisonings in young children are the result of iron ingestion.

With our high calorie diets and high protein – hence meat diets, bodybuilders are at a greater risk of acumulating too much iron.

Your actual iron count may be normal, what you need to check is the ferritin which indicates iron stores. Iron can also indicate inflamation and my stupid GP has wasted months of my time trying to pin my high ferritin to inflamation – for which there is no indication.

So now I am trying to get the blood donation doctor here to approve me.

Once thats taken care of I will simply donate blood regularly – this way I don’t need to change my bodybuilding diet.

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