Ready to Rumble with my General Practitioner

I want to smack my GP’s face in.

This bastard will not listen.

How often do you get that with a GP – a good one is harder to find than a hot hooker in Auckland on a saturday night.

Actually there are no hot hookers in Auckland coz they all moved to ozzie but thats another story.

I’m a weightlifter OK. Have been for 25 years. Bodybuilders & weightlifters tend to study their fair share of physiology, medicine and some on roids study pharmacology.

So I don’t get sick often and usually only go to the doctor for a check up.

Weightlifters sometimes get elevated liver enzymes ALT/AST from the breakdown of muscle tissue – it is not in this case pathological.

Unfortunately this is also a common indicator of pathological inflammation or infection.

Now I explained clearly 5 MONTHS AGO that I lift weights – that that was probably the cause for my enzyme elevation.

The doc acknowledged this but decided to run an iron study to check for any symptoms there.

Keep in mind I am very fit and have no symptoms of any infection, inflammation or illness apart from having minor hemorrhoids for about a month in the last year & slightly elevated cholesterol.

So now this PARROT has seen that my iron is elevated.

Thats it man he seems to feel vindicated and now will not budge.

I am certainly greatful the dude ran the iron test but the ****wit will not listen to fricken reason.

Meanwhile my cholesterol and liver results are all now fairly normal with minor dietary change. I simply added decaf green tea and omega 3 to my diet.

The AST/ALT can easily be elevated again if they take a test after a workout.

So :

iron 23 umol/l (10-30) normal
iron binding capacity 31 umol/l (45-75) low The ratio of sTfR/sFt,
iron saturation 0.74 (0.15-0.50) high (%TS)
ferritin 363 ug/l (25-250) high

haemochromatosis gene – negative

OK now read this government medical report…


Detection of Iron Loading

Screening of large populations for iron loading can be accomplished with inexpensive, noninvasive methods. A useful indicator of iron loading is marked elevation of serum ferritin (sFt). However, sole reliance on this measurement can be misleading because sFt increases moderately during inflammatory episodes. Accordingly, concurrent determination of the percentage of iron saturation of serum transferrin (%TS) provides useful information (29)

In iron loaded persons, hyperferritinemia generally is accompanied by an elevation in %TS. In contrast, in patients with an inflammatory process, hyperferritinemia generally is accompanied by a reduction in %TS.

Iron loading is associated also with moderate depression of a third variable, serum transferrin receptor (sTfR). The ratio of sTfR/sFt, apparently independent of inflammation, is significantly reduced in persons with high levels of iron

Tuomainen T-P, Punnonen K, Nyyssonen K, Salonen JT. Association between body iron stores and the risk of acute myocardial infarction in men. Circulation 1998;97:1461-6.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

Even a moderately retarded person can thus see that my blood profile fits that of iron loading not inflammation.

This is obviously the ****ing case DOC – I am a weightlifter who eats like a gorilla and am in good health.

Why would a doctor make a pompous ass of himself in this way ?

Maybe the drug companies that sell anti-inflammatories are offering trips to hawaii this year.

He is wrong in making the assumption of inflammation.

Anyway I dont hate the guy – and like I said in my town a good GP is a rare thing indeed so there’s no point in going elsewhere – he has under my persuasion refered me to a phlebotomy specialist doctor who will know much more about this than a GP.

Hopefully then I can get the correct treatment – which is simply giving blood, increased endurance training and less iron rich food for a little while.

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