Strength Band Gear

I want to tell you guys about some very cool equipment. Its based upon resistance band training.

No 1 is the “MASS SUIT” this can provide up to 70 lbs of resistance to most sports including sparing, running, even swimming.

mass suit

mass suit

mass suit

Yeah thats pretty damn cool and it can of course be used in addition to a weight vest. Unlike a weight vest this sucker will not cause knee & joint wear over time. But hey why not add the 70 lbs to your weight vest session any way ?

These things are expensive coming close to $300 new – but I’m gunna get one this summer anyway from

The mask by the way is a breath or respiration trainer – there are several brands available and most are much less obtrusive than what you see on that guy.

The other place to get “fancy” resistance band gear is Again very expensive – especially if you have to pay foreign shipping but some great gear. The range is big but below are two examples.

vertical jumper

power pushup

power pushup

There are a few books on resistance or strength band training these days. The Resistance Band Workout Book & Strength Band Training are on Amazon & there is a good ebook from this site for $7

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