The great vitamin C & E debate

I hate the lies, half truths and bullshit surrounding the pharmaceutical VS nutraceutical industries.

Researchers are in many cases biased by financial gain on either side if the fence.

Small short term studies will do the SEO & press release circuit touted as irrefutable evidence of whichever side is in favor.

Here’s my take on it.

1. If you are taking high dose Vitamin C & E then all cofactors should also be in a balanced ratio.

2. A double blind study of 30, 100, even 500 people is irrelevant. Only a metastudy of 1000 or more people can make such research relevant scientifically.

3. A 2-3 month exercise study is also irrelevant. The effects of over training and training adaptation do not become significant until after this time frame.

So as there is abundance of disinformation I will share my educated assumptions

1. Antioxidants are good for you and increase lifespan & quality of life

2 Exercise is good for you and increases lifespan & quality of life

3 Worthwhile exercise, diet & supplementation are permanent strategies, not short term or even long term

4 One of the basic principles in bodybuilding is periodization & we periodize our diet to match our training

So if you are going to take high dosages of some supplements for whatever reason, all co factor nutrients must also be increased. The co factors of cofactors must also be increased

A high dose will not be used long term it will be cycled to match training intensity, injury & recovery

Looking specifically at Vitamin C & E. The research papers currently being touted are short term & with a small number of participants.

The claim is that as antioxidants decrease the inflammatory response to exercise this reduces adaptation in the immediate time frame & these small studies are evident of this

Here’s the thing. Are you prepared to grow & adapt a bit slower if it means you can train for the rest of your life with less injury & greater resilience?

Because I can almost certainly guarantee that this is what a long term study will show. That long term the antioxidant groups out last those showing short term & immediate gains

The balance of course is periodization

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