The reality of SARMs

Some time ago now a new type of bodybuilding drug hit the market. This family of drugs quickly became popular because of dramatic improvements in athletic ability, healing and muscle mass.

Initial reports were that there were zero or very few side effects with these drugs so pretty much everybody that could get hold of them began using them.

The drugs I am talking about are Anabolic Steroids in the middle of the 20th century.

Now some years later people began dying young. Heart attacks, cancer mainly.

Well today we see the same initial optimism surrounding SARM’s. They do indeed seem safer than the old Anabolic Steroids but I dont think you should be using this stuff in your pre middle age years.

If you do opt to use them use only the second generation stuff from a medically approved research lab.

I personally do intend to use SARM’s carefully & selectively but thats because I am just shy of 50. When I get to 70 I may even take Anabolic Steroids if there is nothing better going by then. Of course there will be.

So forget about SARM’s in your teens, 20s & 30’s. Even early 40’s. What happens if 20 years from now users start dropping of cancer?

If you are already old the risk is worth it. Us oldies are in mortal combat against impending death. We can take a margin of risk.

Jerry Brainum explains it all:

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