Time to get ripped Abdominals

For me especially – take a look at this pic below.

smooth abs

Yep my abs are smooth and covered with a layer of fat and fluid. But I’m taking action, I’ve got a number of six pack training guides and I’m gunna get my guts ripped.

I cant wait to do it, for the health benefits and to look damn cool too.

I’m gunna do reviews on all the literature for you folks, and keep you all informed on my progress.
Justs look at that guts – I can do 1000 consecutive crunches so spot reduction has not worked for me but there are some super abs under there. My pecs have a little fat too but the rest of my body is pretty lean.

I also read some scientific research a while back on body composition. Athletes that carry extra subcutaneous body fat usually have far less internal fat than inactive people even though they may have the same subcutaneous levels.

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