Warrior + Paleo Diet

I started Warrior Diet a couple of years back & it took me from 30 – 20% body fat. Now I am 230 lbs and 20% fat I want to get down to 10 – 8%.

To do this I am combining Warrior and Paleo – as on just Warrior I was still wolfing down huge amounts of dairy like yoghurt & milk plus lots of potatoes.

Yoghurt & potatoes are probably two of the best weight gain foods when combined with a healthy diet.

Now I have cut them and all grains – my waist has immediately shrunk in just 9 days. I have lost a few KG too but that is not my goal.

My goal is to maintain at least 100 kg body weight but alter the composition to 10% or there about body fat. I don’t want to go below 8%.

I also don’t want to lose muscle mass so I will build up on Kettlebell Complexes and heavy basic deadlifts, squat & bench. I also am getting some whey.

All along I am doing my knee rehab also. Hopefully in 2-3 months my body will be ripped and my knees strong enough for hard core rucking again.

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