Who is the worlds fittest man ?

Joe Decker certainly is publicized as the worlds fittest man. His website is at http://www.gutcheckfitness.com/About_Joe.html


Joe is a super fit dude but is he really the worlds fittest ? I seriously doubt it. Paddy Doyle an ex paratrooper from the UK http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paddy_Doyle is also making a similar claim.


Well lets face it within certain careers such as elite military units, forestry lumberjacks etc there are many individuals that are super fit. Far beyond the norm even by athletic standards.

The Guiness book of records sets a standard and records it for all to see.

paddy doyle

Paddy Doyles feats include:

* A two mile swim
* Weightlifting 300,000 pounds in a single session
* A 12-mile run
* A 12-mile walk Carrying 25 lb back pack.
* A 110-mile bike
* 1,250 press ups (push ups)
* 3,250 sit-up crunches
* 1,250 star-jumps (Jumping Jacks)
* 20 miles rowing
* 1,250 standing hip flexors {Lifting 10 lb weights}
* 20 mile cross trainer

Other records include:

* 1,500,230 push-ups in one year {World Record}
* 1,940 back of hands pushups in one hour {World Record}
* 29,850 fullcontact straight arm punch strikes in 1 hour {World Record}
* 932 sit ups with a 50 lb weight on chest in 30 mins {World Record}
* 1 mile run carrying a 40 lb back pack 5 mins 35 secs {World Record}

Its very impressive and Decker can boast of similar prowess. Both guys have books that can give you something to start with in your own quest for super fitness.

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