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Abdominal Suction (Stomach vacuum) for Pot Belly

OK yeah I admit it sounds funny – but it WORKS OK !!!

Abdominal freekin suction and its not sticking funny sucker things on your guts. It actually is an exercise derived from yoga training. You know the old Army saying – “suck in that gut soldier”.

Well abdominal suction training is the opposite of having a lazy abdominal wall and a pot gut.
Another name for it is the “stomach vacuum”.

Its super easy to perform. Basically you just suck in your guts as deep as you can while exhaling and hold it in for 20 – 30 seconds. Do several sets. Keep doing your regular workouts too.

When you are out and about and notice that pregnant look is well you know…

Just do the gut suck. Believe me this does work, it strengthens your abdominals and diaphram in a way that other exercises do not. Your pot gut will deminish rapidly and belly fat may decrease also.

Here are a couple of vidz to display the exercise.

This dude wil freak you – no wonder some people call this exercise “the alien”.

Full Body Workouts and HIIT

Well after over 10 years doing split routines I have returned to full body workouts to complement my HIIT training.

Why the hell would I do that ? It happens to be what all the bodybuilding and muscle ebook I have recommend.

They all recommend HIIT or some variation of it and a return to full body weight workouts 3 times per week. I’ll try it out for at least two months – so far I am noticing a definite difference in my body fat level.

I also started doing a little abdominal exercise called abdominal suction. I will blog about that in my next post – If you have a pot gut you really want to give it a go.

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