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Climb a mountain in your weight vest !!!

Reckon you could climb a mountain in a weight vest. It sounds impossible – right?

A mountain is big. This is New Zealand’s biggest mountain…

mt cook

Mt Cook is 12,316 ft. Its very beautiful but I’m damned if I want to climb it in a weight vest. I found some concrete steps in a park about a minutes walk from my place.

meyers park

Its 60 or so steps to this level…

meyers park

Then another 50 plus into the shopping mall above…

meyers park

Over 110 steps so that must be at least 40 feet.

12,316 ft divided by 40 = 307

If I can climb these steps 307 times in my weight vest I have climbed the equivalent of a mountain.

Today I did it six times and nearly blew my ass – I have a 40 lb vest and will try adding one more climb each day I do it. It is one “hell” of a cardio workout and not too bad for the thighs either.

Totally Excellent Kettlebell Training Steve Cotter Review

OK its been a while since I posted – been working on my kungfu book. Today a review with zero ulterior motive. This is my honest opinion of the product – I make no money.


steve cotter

steve cotter

steve cotter

They are far and above the very best in Kettlebell training available. This guy Steve Cotter is highly professional. He is also a world Kung Fu champion so although the guy is soft spoken he is certainly an outstanding athlete.

More importantly he is an outstanding fitness coach. Pretty much every Kettlebell exercise you will ever need is covered methodically and in depth – really you cant expect much more from a training DVD series.

Get’s FreeFitnessGuru’s ***** 5 star award *****

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