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200 lb kettlebells

Wow man I want to get myself a 200 pounder. Problem for me is living in New Zealand the shipping is diabolical.

It will easily cost more than the kettlebell. Options are to import one and pay many hundreds if not a grand, make one from steel rebar & gypsum alpha plaster, make one from cast lead & a hollow kettlebell.

Here are a couple of suppliers in the USA:

200 lb kettlebell

200 lb kettlebell

… and Ader kettlebells

200 lb kettlebell

and here are a few of the things you can do with a 200 lb Kettlebell…

OK here’s an UPDATE:

These Ader 203 lb KB’s are $490 online

God only knows about the shipping cost.

But I am in luck – an Australian outfit sells an 80 KG kettlebell for AU $290.00 I will need to organize shipping myself

I’m gunna do it.

There is an article on T-Nation discussing the heavy swing VS the deadlift

Heavy KB Training

I strongly urge you to read the T-Nation article as it give actual torque / Force values – heaps of info on the heavy swing

… from that article – turn a dumbell into a KB swing device

This takes the cake …

A primo Kettlebell super set routine

Here is what I am doing today:

Super Set

10 one arm snatches – single KB
20 two arm cleans – double KB
70 one arm swings – single KB

Use as heavier weight as you can and still complete it. These three are done one after the other, no or little rest.

I am using 26 KG kettlebells. Do the whole super set “FIVE TIMES”.

Dont do it one after the other – take a break in between super sets – as long as you want. This will minimize fatigue & hand damage and keep your metabolism up all day.

Use heavy weights.

To minimize hand damage, trim callus the day before, use powder, use gloves, duct tape, or boxers wraps after cycle two.

Rather than increasing reps or cycles, or doing the whole five cycles in one go – increase the weight as your priority.

Bodyweight training videos

These Barstarzz guys have some good vids up on youtube, check out the DVD

You can also check out dragondoor who have a few body weight books out now & steve cotter also has some videos at

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