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My New TENs EMS Device

tens machine

I got a Twin Stim EMS/TENS device from Roscoe Medical. Its a great little unit & has TENS, EMS, Interferential & Russian stim modes. There are several mode settings for each and many parameters such as frequency, wavelength etc can be modified. I have not gotten into that yet but took it with me on my trip down south.

I can say that out of the box its not as strong as my Chinese TENs which makes me numb but maybe if I change the settings it can do that? The Russian stim seems moderate but having used it on my biceps with very light flexing for 20 minutes – they were sore after for 2 days so that definitely works.

The interferential feels great too so what remains to be seen is if I can get more juice out of it. Works off main or battery & I assume they are made in Taiwan by this firm Everyway Medical

Back to Queenstown for fourth trip

Yes finally my rotator cuff was healed enough to carry both my 120ltr bergen & small day pack at the same time.

Off I went for a 19 day visit. The plane landed at around 2pm. Weather was overcast and I booked into a private suite at Nomads Backpackers for the first night.

I had no idea if my tent would still be there as last year I did not get up the mountain.

I was pleased to find it on the first day after a two hour climb – that first climb was tough. The next day I cheated & took the big bergen up via the gondola. I set up camp & remained in tent for the next 2 weeks straight.

I climbed a total of 20,000 feet in those 2 weeks. Maybe lost a kilo – and I lost a clear amount of belly fat so I am looking pretty fit. It was a substantial body composition improvement.

My diet was chocolate bars, trail mix, nuts & delicious roast mutton which the local supermarket sells super cheap – fully cooked whole legs of lamb.

I had a couple of salads & took most of my supplements including Ginseng.

I went on a cruise of Lake Wakatipu & had a road trip to Mt Cook.

In short it was totally beautiful and again my friends the little birds sang to me every evening & came home to roost in the tree above my tent. I was pleased to see the wild goat family is still there too.

Next trip I want to hike up the remarkables which will be tough & require a healed up shoulder. I also want to do a few days at Doubtful Sound.

gareth thomas queenstown

Mt Cook

Mt Cook






mt cook



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