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Tis the season to be… ill

My holiday period has not been great. I had food poisoning for 7 days two weeks ago and now my molar has a very nasty abscess.

Yesterday I had a full on kettlebell session – big mistake as I developed a fever in the evening.

I had a fever and shakes last night. But managed to lance the abscess with a needle today. Hopefully with some rest, lots of garlic, honey and apple cider vinegar it will clear up until the dentists are open again and I can get it pulled out.

I CAN NOT wait.

Omega 3 and Carnitine Fat Loss Formula

I found this video on the Poliquin website so I thought I would share it with you. This is cheap and easy, 45 gm’s of omega 3 plus 4-6 gm’s of carnitine tartrate. Maybe wanna check what happens to cholesterol when you go off the regimen though. With some cholesterol lowering supplements it does a spike or rebound once you stop supplementing. That of course is dangerous.

Applied Neuroplasticity for Ultimate Brain Fitness

Neuroplasticity is a growing area of research in neuroscience. The term first picked up on Google only in 2005.

Basically the brain can rewire itself changing what you can do or who you are in the process. Politicians would have us believe that our sexuality, sexual orientation, intelligence including IQ and personal character are genetically hard wired and unchangeable.

This has been completely debunked by neuroplasticity.

The therapies are exciting and the potential benefits to you as an individual are HUGE !!

Don’t let the bad guys categorize you – be free.


Imagine what you can do…

Channel or alter your sexuality, develop a photographic memory & greater intelligence, alter your personality.

Ultimately admit that YOU – NOT YOUR GENES are responsible for your moral behavior and become a more responsible adult rather than a brainwashed political sheep.

Bodybuilding and fitness provide the anabolic foundation for a personal applied neuroplasticity program.

My New Kung Fu book

I have written my first proper commercial book. Its called “Iron Power Palm” and is a how to manual for people that want to train to break with the hands for martial arts.

Iron Palm

The book is 285 pages and fully illustrated. I expect to have it available for purchase in ebook form in the next few days and as a hardcopy book after xmas.

Food Poisoning Sucks Ass !!!

Yeah it really sucks. I just spent a week with chronic diarrhea after eating at a fast food chicken joint. I got very weak and dizzy for the whole time and finally got back to the gym today.

I hope to be back to normal tomorrow. Haven’t had a bug like that for many, many years. Lucky I had no vomiting, just diarrhea and dehydration.

Anyway the best thing is to eat lots of natural yogurt to counter the bad bacteria and rest up.

Pretty sure I had Staphylococcus but who knows there are so many bugs that can cause the same symptoms.

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