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Two High Tech devices to challenge steroids

I want to tell you folks about a couple of devices that can blast your training in a similar way to roids without the side effects.

Now these are not anabolic in the way that steroids are & do not replace testosterone. Rather they can do for your training & recuperation what steroids do.

If you use steroids & these devices together then even better results for you (except for the side effects).

OK now a few summers back I was doing military rucking programs with my weight vest. The summers get hot here in New Zealand and walking with 20-80lbs soon becomes a true test.

The main problem apart from arm occlusion & shoulder/foot pain is over heating.

So I did a lot of research on thermoregulation – if you search the blog you will find my post on cooling vests.

Well it turns out that while cooling vests are good they are not the best solution – cooling gloves are.

Not just any cooling glove but the variety that has a vacuum to induce circulation that is normally shut down by the cold. The palms of hands, soles of feet & cheeks are the main thermoregulatory surfaces of the human body.

Check out the details here

Anyway use of this device can increase your training volume 4x during each workout – great stuff – just like steroids.

OK but wait a minute, this is fantastic but what about over training & recovery?

Obviously if you are not on steroids then training with this device will make you train much harder & longer but it has no recuperative benefit – you will burn out & over train.

I was highly impressed by the device & decided immediately to buy or make one but the recuperation factor was a concern.

Well now I have found the opposite piece of the puzzle.

PEMF – Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

YES you can have steroid like effects not just in training but also in recovery. PEMF is the perfect compliment to the cooling glove because it turbo charges your recuperation.

Now I am not going to describe all of the benefits of PEMF because a short google will reveal to you thousands of pages on it.

What I will do is give you the link to the best deal device I have been able to find…

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