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My bod at present 100 kg



I’m actually training more like a wrestler than a bodybuilder these days.

I need to get some shots done flexed – will ask a young lady to help out with that.

My first sandbag

I had never touched a sandbag until yesterday.

Had no idea how much the damn thing would weigh but I did know how to use it & make it thanks to the video from Ross Enamait & various places online.

So my plan was to go to the beach & load my first bag, haul it home & repeat with the other two. I visualized myself doing this before hand carrying the heavy bag home on my shoulder.

Well off I set on the bus to Okahu bay in Auckland to get my sand. Its winter here now but it was a fine enough day for there to be an inch of dry sand on the surface.

This was a pain as I couldn’t just scoop it up & it was full of shells which I needed to remove too. For these reasons I recommend just buying clean dry sand.

OK so then things got interesting. The sandbag was so damned heavy I could only carry it 100 yards at a time but I was 3.5 KM from home.

Obviously I would need a cab or bus to get it home. It took me half an hour to get it to the bus stop right next to the beach. I swear I nearly passed out.

I then hauled it on the bus into the city. Once there it was another 40 minutes to haul it to the next bus stop barely around the corner. By this stage my arms were beginning to die & I must have deadlifted the thing 40 times.

Finally the second bus took me to within 350m of my home. That took another 1-2 hours to carry it from there to my home.

It took all I had – it is a beast.

So I was guessing it had to be 150-180 lbs maybe even more.

Finally after a rest I got it on the scales – 120 lbs only. And I can bench 400 lbs on a machine for reps so that proves that sandbags are pure killer.

Today I am a bit sore & fatigued after yesterdays 4 hour sandbag ordeal.

I’m sure in six months I will be a damn sight stronger all over.

Here is my new sandbag & two soon to be military surplus bags…

120 lb sandbag

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