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Detox & rehab strategies to enhance training

If you have trained for many years or are training at an elite level you will be coming up against plateaux & injury. I want to suggest a strategy that can take you to a more advanced level & its one most athletes neglect.

This is incorporating full on medical & athletic rehabilitation strategies.

For example I just underwent an intensive 2 month sauna detox – close to 100 hours with mega vitamin & mineral support.

I wanted to do this for years but didn’t until I had the serious medical issue of chemical poisoning. Now I have done the detox I feel like I will live 10 years longer. Should have done it all along.

I would say detoxification is the initial measure to take. Not a half ass diet or a few measures like improving air quality. I mean all of those minor things plus hardcore sauna for 100 hours. That is a real detox.

Now once that is done you can look at your musculature, joints and internal organ systems.

How do people train that suffer from serious medical issues in the areas?

Cardiac & pulmonary rehabilitation for example. What will happen to you if you apply these same strategies as an athlete?

All of the organ systems have associated rehabilitation programs that can be applied to athletic conditioning.

Muscles & joints – its the same. From the ankles to the neck you can super strengthen every joint system in your body using the medical rehabilitation programs – before any problems arise.

This is a means to leapfrog to a higher level of conditioning.

Aminolase Enzyme – Is it the bomb?

Well the claim for Aminolase is that it will increase protein absorption by 900%

Aminolase TPA

Not only that but as supplements go the stuff is dirt cheap. They claim to be 9x more effective that the closest competitor.

Aminolase is a specialized protein digesting enzyme, designed to build muscle mass and accelerate muscle recovery when used in conjunction with protein rich meals and or supplements. Benefits include:
Digests protein into usable form thereby making it more than 9 times more effective.
Maximizes the availability of amino acids
Greatly reduces stomach discomfort (nausea, bloating, cramping) associated with consuming high amounts of protein
Effective at digesting all types of dietary protein including supplemental protein such as whey, casein, egg, soy, hemp and pea proteins.

Aminolase helps break down protein efficiently and completely so that the body can maximize the absorption of amino acids into the blood stream. This will reduce exposure time to large protein peptides that can cause discomfort. Consumption of protein with Aminolase significantly raises the level of amino acids in the blood, compared to protein alone. Among those amino acids are the branch chain amino acids, which have been shown to play a vital role in muscle synthesis and recovery.

Does it work? I dont know & I have not supplemented with Amino’s or protein in many years – over 20 in fact. I have cycled creatine for much of that time though.

I also drank enough milk to make up for any lack of powders. But I may get on the whey & BCAA’s and give this stuff a shot.

Another great enzyme product is masszymes

they give a breakdown of the ingredients


A regular enzyme supplement from nutralife contains the following:

Herbal extracts equiv. dry
Zingiber officinale (Ginger) root 300mg
Piper longum (Long pepper) fruit 300mg
Herbal extract equiv. fresh
Piper nigrum (Black pepper) fruit 300mg
Digestive enzymes
Amylase 15,000 DU
Protease 35,000 HUT
Tilactase 2,000 ALU
Lipase 800 LipU
Papain 50mg
Bromelain (84GDU) 70mg

Aminolase does not upfront provide a breakdown of the enzymes in that supplement it is however of a comparable price to the nutralife product which is supposedly inferior for protein breakdown. Without the numbers we know nothing.

I think it may require 5x as many capsules of the nutralife enzyme to match the masszymes protein breakdown profile. This does make Aminolase favourable price wise.

UPDATE: I emailed the aminolase guys requesting the HUT levels. They wont give them out claiming they have a secret probiotic that increases the effectiveness of the protease. This would render the HUT levels inconsequential.

Well that creates a leap of faith for the consumer.

One other issue is that throughout the literature they claim 90% protein breakdown in the small intestine. However when I look at the clinical study the results sound much less exciting.

Percentage increase in blood (compared to whey alone):

Leucine 5%
Valine 12%
Threonine 6%
Arginine 150%
Glutamine 45%
Phenylaniline 10%
Methionine 6%

Total Average 11%

So it’s a far cry from the claim of a 900% increase in protein availability.

Finally to prove what BS both masszymes & aminolase are check out this product

It kicks the ass of both with 355,000 per cap hut for $30 60 caps – a good deal which you could combine with their digestive enzyme products – check out

Heres another high potency cheap one

Caveat: I am assuming the transformationenzymes product is 375K HUT per capsule – the enzymeessentials product definitely is 355K HUT per capsule – perhaps best to go with that as transformationenzymes neglects to state if its per cap.

My conclusion: To hell with Aminolase & Masszymes – go with Enzymeessentials

Myostatin blockers need HGH to avert side effects?

There seem to be some very effective supplemental myostatin blockers now – the most obvious being epicatechin from cacao – 400mg per day

Others include creatine, leucine, HMB, decorin, sulforaphane, & green tea extract.

Creatine & epicatechin seem to be the simplest combination. But the epicatechin would need to be caffeine free.

Add to this specific training strategies that have been found to block myostatin of which there are several.

Blocking myostatin is neither expensive or intellectually difficult.

However there are the side effects of delayed wound healing & tendon weakness.

Both of which are alleviated with HGH – and HGH seems to get along just fine with myostatin blocking. No conflict.

So the best natural way to boost HGH is the sauna – 2-3 hours per day can increase HGH 1600%. Add in the other strategies to boost HGH & it seems that this is the solution to myostatin blocking risks.

Back to regular training now

Yep my health has returned to normal. Except now I am detoxed. No longer any symptoms of chemical bronchitis and I am easing off the herbal antibiotics. I have done 71 hours in the sauna. Slowed down this week because I was busy but I will knock out the remaining 29 hours as fast as I can.

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