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Rotator Cuff tear nearly better

Wow its now nearly 11 months since the injury. This did not come on slowly. It came when I was putting my super weight vest on after 5 years of KB & cross fit training & many more of regular weights.

It was over night from super athletic – to miserable cripple.

Was it the compression of the vest or the ballistic KB’s? Both most likely.

Anyway its beginning to approach recovery. I can now do pullups – not full bodyweight, lat pull downs, pressups & most pec exercises.

I believe it is beyond 90% healed but it is still vulnerable to retear & still does not feel right.

I have found the past two month the most difficult emotionally. This injury has cost me thousands of dollars & even prevented me from moving to the UK.

Tougher than Primal – Going Bush in New Zealand

I grew up in a small town in rural new zealand. Hated the place & left in my late teens.

Spent most of my life in Auckland which is now fully invaded by immigrants. Its impossible to get a decent job here now.

So I am heading for the hills with my ass burned. I’m going fur trapping down in the Bay of Plenty.

Its prime possum territory & I have been down & been allocated a 2000 hectare block of back country bush with streams, landslides, a hut and impenetrable bush.

I plan to go in for 2-3 weeks at a time. My hut is an 8 mile hike up stream from the end of the road & I will be moving 100lbs + of gear in and out.

This means I will need to use flotation of some kind to transport my gear.

There is no power, running water or cell coverage.

I will use wind & solar power, water is no issue I’m next to a small river, satellite internet is a must but I may have to hack it as no provider here can offer me broadband in the bush.

I hope to bring out $1-2K of fur per week & still run my eCommerce business on satellite broadband.

No people, nature, peace & quiet and lots of hard physical bush work. It will do me some good for 3-4 months.

Dangers are rats that set off the possum traps, have leptospirosis and steal food, earthquakes & landslides. The area is very steep & rife with landslides. Oh yeah & it snows on accasion. So this will be tough.

Tougher than primal.

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