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Supplements to suppress Estrogen & Aromatase

Here’s the list:

Button & shitake mushrooms

Nettle Root

Cruciferous Veges



D-Aspartic Acid

Grape seed extract

Ultrasound Fat Cavitation – To delete the gut fat

Yep I said “delete” coz this is a technological solution that literally dissolves or emulsifies fat cells.

The required ultrasound frequency is 40Khz – this will destroy fat cells but not blood vessels, skin & nerves. It can however damage glandular tissue.

fat cavitation

So there are specific areas where this device can & can not be used.

Areas to treat:

• buttocks
• legs
• ankles
• arms
• abdomen
• knee (medial region)
• thighs
• lumbosacral region

Do not treat the following areas:

• armpit
• popliteal zone (behind the knee)
• groin
• hands and feet
• neck
• face and head in general
• area of the sexual organs

If you look on ebay there is a hand held device for $100. Do not buy this device for fat cavitation – it has the wrong frequency 1Mhz.

2-3Mhz can destroy fat but can also damage skin. Best stick with the trusted 40Khz machines. The cheapest you will get one of these for on ebay at present is $400.

There is plenty of info about this on the net and it is totally legit. Whats funny is I am an electronics engineer and plan to make my own device for about $100 – Its basically an ultrasound boat cleaner but has the exact same ultrasound transducer as used for fat cavitation. You had best get one off ebay or get a professional to do it.

The results are rapid…

before after fat cavitation

It should be possible to hit 8-10% body fat in 8 weeks combined with diet & exercise (from 20%)

My Body Composition Analysis

Time to lose my belly so I went in to Vibra-Train in Auckland who specialise in vibration training. They have a Body Composition Analysis machine with 5-10% margin of error.

Body Composition Analyser

I already guessed from looking at photos on the net that my body fat must be around 20% – which is exactly what the machine said.

Total body water: 59%

Muscle Mass: 75.4%

Fat mass: 20%

Weight: 100kg (empty stomach)

My waist to hip ratio is high 0.95 which is not good but I already know I need to lose belly fat.

Now one thing missing from the analysis is bone – and no way can my bone mass be 5% so I guess with this particular machine they don’t differentiate between bone & muscle mass.

I’m not too concerned as its the fat measurement I’m after.

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