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My current supplement regimen

I am 8 months shy of 50 but people say I look like I am in my 30’s or 40’s.

I do have some aging issues but I put youthfullness down to a few things.

Meditation – at least an hour per day, Diet – mine is not perfect & I could do with a wife but I try & eat healthy, Exercise of course.

Finally is supplements & if you dont use them you are missing out.

Heres what I take at present.

Multivitamin, mineral & herb – most but not all days

High strength B – many days but not most at present as its a super strong dose

Resveratrol – daily

Quercetin – daily

DMAE – daily

Green tea – copius amounts daily

Decaf coffee – one cup per day

CoaCoa – I go through spells of this daily for a while

Ginseng – I try & take Panax daily but sometimes run out, also siberian is great before training

Acetyle-l-carnitine – occasional spells of daily use, its a great nootropic with creatine

l-glutamine – occasional daily

BCAA – occasional daily

Black Ant – occasional

Pine Pollen & nettle – occasional

Colostrum – daily

Beta glucan – occasional

Collagen – I should take daily at my age but its occasional at present

My two favorite places to get supplements: Purebulk & Nutrabio

On a final note I have not had a cold or flu for a long time – well over a year which is unusual for me. Perhaps it was the relaxing rest I had while injured. Perhaps it was the bottle of vitamin D I took during winter or the Vitamin C & echinacea. I dont know which of these did it but I suspect the low stress & vitamin D did the trick.

In for the long haul

Glad to say my rotator cuff injury is really coming along nicely. I am now doing some pretty robust activities and although it stll hurts a bit frequently I can see that it really is nearly better.

This is a long term injury – a rotator cuff tear. I am 14 months down the track now & I expect in 6 months to be saying that I am better.

But I still am not benching or overhead pressing with anything great – over head press especially.

Benches I can do isometrically as hard as I like but I aint pressing 400lbs on this sucker like I used to.

Not sure when I will be back into that & overhead press will be the final exercise that returns.

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