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Some Kettlebell videos

I finally tried my digital camera for making videos. Nothing fancy but I will make some better ones.

Here I am doing helicopters with 16 & 40 KG’s and some cleans with the 90 pounder.

Neuromass Book review

Neuromass is a new book from Dragondoor by Jon Bruney.

neuro mass book

This is the guy thats pulls trucks with the grip master – John Brookfield.
Its a great training manual and is nearly 300 pages long.


Basically his training program is broken down into 3 main types of training. The last being Isometric.

The dynamic exercises include bodyweight and kettlebells. Many exercises are chosen for increased difficulty.

His two mentors or models in the book appear to be mainly John Brookfield and Alexander Zass.


They (dragondoor) are also marketing a couple of new isometric gadgets in connection with the book. One is a T-Pipe device for pushups. I went to the plumbing store to get parts to make some but instead got a couple of Ballcocks which will work even better for grip stress.

Here are a couple of good links for isometric info:

Isometric Training

Isometric Gear

…and info on Zass

I give the book a 5 star –> one of Dragondoor’s better offerings & most of their stuff is good

zass statue

Weight vest training tips

First up you need a good program & the best I have found is a military special forces operator training program.

SAS program

OK that program is about as intense as you want to get training by yourself. Remember in the military you have medical support – no kidding.

Second if you want some inspiration read about this guy that is an ex delta force operative & at 63 still does regular ruck runs…

ruck running

Thats impressive and I was delighted to see he recommends the excellent POSE running techniques

Pose running video:

100 lbs weight vest tryout

Here I am wearing the 40 lb vest over the 60 lb vest

weight vest

100 lb weight vest

weight vest

100 lbs quite comfortable initially but it gets the heart rate up very quickly. I only trained for 20 minutes doing hill walking outside but I will build up the times in coming months. Basically it feels little worse that the 40 or 60 initially but things change fast.

Special forces train with 100 lb rucks often including shuffle runs and workouts lasting hours.

Weight this heavy is not used all the time though.

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