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I’m Feeling STRONG !!!

Yeah feeling real good this week. I intensified my running – increased the speed just a little. Had a great heavy and intense upper body weights session today at the gym.

Actually I have applied for Army Officer selection. At 40 I probably wont be accepted but its great motivation anyway.

And for dinner tonight I had beef schnitzel, taro, brussel sprouts and garlic.

Back to the gym

Man I had to have a 2 week layoff due to a damn herroid. Well I’m back in action now. Did a good bench workout plus some bicep/tricep and shoulder work. I threw in some leg curl and extension just to get a pump in my thighs again.

Leg press and squat are off limits for another week. Now I must say you can always find a way to train if you have to. I have an EMS machine but the damn things broken at present.

Electro Muscle Stimulation is the only way I would train my muscles while suffering from a hemrrhoid (how the frig do you spell that ?).

Anything else could aggravate the problem.

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