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Back to the gym

Man I had to have a 2 week layoff due to a damn herroid. Well I’m back in action now. Did a good bench workout plus some bicep/tricep and shoulder work. I threw in some leg curl and extension just to get a pump in my thighs again.

Leg press and squat are off limits for another week. Now I must say you can always find a way to train if you have to. I have an EMS machine but the damn things broken at present.

Electro Muscle Stimulation is the only way I would train my muscles while suffering from a hemrrhoid (how the frig do you spell that ?).

Anything else could aggravate the problem.

Hemroid Hell !!!

I have a Hemroid for the first time in my life. Got it from work – sitting on iron and concrete tile roofs for a few weeks. Well people may laugh but this is really disruprive and irritating.

I can not pump iron untill its gone. Damn it. Saw a nurse today and she says its bleeding. Its internal but just in the ring. I hope there isnt a worse one internally bleeding.

Damn it to hell I say.

Basically a hemeroid is a burst blood vessel in your ass. If it was in your brain it would case a stroke. In terms of pain and seriousness its about the same as a badly stubbed toe. Problem is the location.

It is aggravated by standing still too long, sitting, straining when on the toilet or lifting etc, and hard stools (both kinds).

So really its a serious inconvenience to an active person. I cant lift untill this bastard is gone. Treatment involves sticking anti-steroid cream up your ass – which totally suck – I never normally touch my ass under any circumstances.

Worst of all 50% of the population will one day have a hemroid – congradulations.

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