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Remaining chemical bronchitis seems to be going

From around hour 22 in the sauna the bulk of the bronchitis symptoms cleared up, but I was still left with a nagging urge to cough & it was a deep abnormal cough when I succumbed. Finally this remnant of the poisoning seems to be going.

I am now at 57 sauna hours – at 60 hours I will start the steep increase in Niacin. This should spike my HGH and flush as much remaining toxic residue as possible.

At 100 hours I will stop & rapidly taper down the supplementation. I may take up hot yoga for a few weeks & will continue to do 1-2 long sauna’s per week.

But I still have 43 hours to go. This detox is one of the best & most worthwhile health & fitness things I have done in years.

50 hours of sauna in one month

Today I did 4 hours in the sauna. My longest one so far & it was hot in there today too – 88 celsius in the hottest part.

I am half way to my 100 hour goal. 50 remaining hours could be done in 10 days at 5 hours a day but I cant fit it in. I have to increase the hours, temperature, exercise & supplements now as the niacin ramps up.

This is where it all gets harder.

I still have a niggling cough remaining of the bronchitis. A little clear phlegm too. Minor compared to what it was like but I want total recovery.

I have sacrificed a lot of exercise due to the sauna time but now I must train with a vengeance. It does get real hard now.

Fingers crossed I can hack it & pull off a full recovery.

Two 32kg Kettlebells with different handles

Yep I got two KB’s from different places & they have very different handles. One thick & large.
The other nice & smooth – great for swings. Each has own advantages and I can tolerate using them together.

32 kg kettlebell


Sauna Niacin & HGH

You know I have trained for 30 years with weights. There are certain things I recognize in my body. Right now without a trace of doubt I am noticing a marked increase in HGH.

My workouts are way less as I have been spending 2-3 hours daily in the sauna.

Well I am leaner & my muscles are bigger & feel lean.

I am not even on the super high niacin doses yet. Today I hit 38 hours of sauna. Still aiming for 100.

More Info: Mercola

sauna & hgh

Niacin HGH

Remember the high dose Niacin is safe because you are sweating & peeing it out on the detox program & it is only used at these dosages for a limited time.

Niacin dosing for detox

This image is an example of the dosage requirements for a full on detox

niacin detox

Each session represents 2.7 hours for a 100 hour detox.

At present I am at 36 hours and am using 6x 250 mg or 1.5 gm and drinking 5-6 litres of water for each 2-3 hour sauna.

Most of my saunas are 2 hours in duration. So I dont really need to ramp up the niacin just yet but am having minimal flushing.

I will keep it around this level as I am detoxing from a poisoning & still have minor respiratory symptoms.

At 60 hours I will begin ramping up and keep it equal to this chart which is from Dr Yu’s video.

I also intend to do some ultrasonic fat cavitation around this time so this will definitely help to eliminate what ever toxins remain in my subcutaneous fat.

As for deeper visceral fat I can try infra red & RF. Not much else can be done.

Frankly right now I am vastly improved over before but still have a slight niggly cough – I hope to totally eliminate all vestiges of the chemical bronchitis.

Getting Better Everyday

I am up to 28 hours of sauna detox now. Beginning to ramp up the Niacin which is only giving me a mild flush with 1.2gm.

I drink 5-6 litres of water per two hours in the sauna. Most of my sessions are 2 – 2.5 hours and I take a cold shower every 10-15 minutes to clean off the toxins & cool down.

I am taking calcium/magnesium tablets, multi vitamins, activated charcoal, olive oil & herbal antibiotics.

Next in addition to my regular kettlebell training I will add cardio pulmonary training, jump rope, cycling & running.

Right now I feel pretty good, still have a slight niggling in my lungs but the phlegm is gone, and a mild sore throat does pop up. Compared to a week ago it’s like a miracle.

I can also smell much more polution around town. Its quite disgusting.

Progress with sauna detox

Finally after five full weeks of dreadful chemical bronchitis I have control of the coughing without antibiotics.

I can at last sleep in the evening without 3-4 hours of coughing. Also in the mornings I awaken with no cough.
This is after 22 hours of sauna & heavy niacin dosing & supplementation.

I still intend to do the full 100 hours of sauna detox and am by no means fully well yet. My chest is still infected.

I will remain vulnerable to chest infection until this is fully mended which will still take weeks.

All of this because I breathed in solvent fumes for a few days.

I am taking herbal replacements for antibiotics, echinacea, olive leaf, oregano oil & beta glucan.

I can add a few more things to assist my immune system & negate the phlegm – will add those in coming days.

Also I have used my autogenics to suppress the urge to cough & heal my lungs.

I believe the initial chemical exposure damaged the lining in my bronchial tubes. This is somewhat similar to burning your skin with acid. In turn it becomes vulnerable to infection & becomes itchy.

So a cough is much like an itch – if you keep doing it the wound will not heal.

So the phlegm and infection must be handled at the same time that you reduce the cough. In this way the cycle of chronic illness can be broken.

Fortunately weight training & cardio are good for the condition and my training remains unaffected albeit under far less comfortable circumstances.

Here is some great info on the detox program

Chemical Bronchitis Nightmare

I have had this ailment for 5 weeks now. Sick with bronchitis for 5 weeks. The initial chemical exposure was now two months ago.
What a nightmare. I have done 18 hours of detox in the sauna & am taking multiple herbs for the symptoms.

My GP is a total asshole so I ditched him two days ago. The guy is behaving as if I just made it all up to get off work. I got a chest x-ray but that will only confirm there is nothing worse wrong. Bronchitis usually doesn’t show in an x-ray.

Probably there is some tiny area of bronchial tube with a minor surface wound causing this whole thing.

Meanwhile I go to bed at night & cough for 3-4 hours.

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