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Lung capacity training

Many years ago when I was about 26 or 27 I went to welding school. It was great fun – welding school is a place where you can yell and swear and spit while you go about your business. Nobody seems to notice.

As part of my training I learned all about respirators and lung protection. I got a 3M mask and wore it about the house. Whenever anybody lit up a cigarette I would don my mask and sit there looking at them.

I had been doing breathing squat sessions to expand my frame for many years.

A year or two later I took a crack at the Army Infantry reserve and got in. During our basic training they had us yelling as loud as we could while marching and carrying on.

Another little trick I had picked up was hypoxic training. Breathing into a plastic bag to expand my carotid arteries.

All of these things combined will greatly increase lung capacity.

Your aerobic performance will increase as a consequence of hypoxic training & respiratory muscle training.

You need to incorporate the 20 rep breathing squat program, hypoxic training with a plastic bag & respiratory muscle training with an expand-a-lung or similar.

Autogenics, Buteyko & Sedona for recuperation

Autogenics I have discussed in a couple of posts. The buteyko & sedona methods are a perfect compliment to Autogenic training.

Buteyko is a breathing method and most of the info is available free online. It involves rather than deep breathing rather the opposite. Hypoxic breath holds & very shallow breathing while remaining deeply relaxed. Over time this increases endurance and reduces anxiety. They also encourage the use of breathing resistance devices, altitude masks and russian breath training devices. Intermittent hypoxia is itself a highly effective method for enhancing performance and is much more so when combined with deep relaxation training.

Sedona is a psychotherapeutic method for releasing & controlling emotion. It works.

I think these three methods combined are fully synergistic. I dont see any point of conflict.

Body by jake IM Rings

I decided on the weekend to get into suspension training. Bought a copy of the new book “Rings of Power” from dragon door.
Its a very brief book but it was only $10. There are better materials out there like “Suspension Revolution” and a book “Sling Training” from meyer & meyer sport.

First step was to get a chinning bar for my doorway. I decided on the gofit brand because it is 8 inches higher than other brands. A bit peeved at elitefitness in Auckland though as they still have not shipped 5 days later.

For my suspension gear I was prepared to fork out $150 for an Adidas 360 but quite by chance came across the IM Rings – a super good deal compared to all the rest. Also I see good reviews all over the net.

im rings

im rings

chinning bar

pullup bar

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