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The soul of Primitive Man

The soul of Primitive Man

Primitive man was tasked with survival in the “real” world. I assume that as an alpha male a true primitive man lived alone in the wilderness.

Killing all other males upon contact & mating with females. His time tasked to survival and migration. I’m sure in prehistory there were many such primitives.

caveman hunting

The environment of the primitive survivor put him into a deeper contact with reality. Morphology is the study of shape and form. The morphology of the primitives world was much more ancient than ours in the modern world.

The night sky for example is 15 billion years old, the ocean and shore also billions of years old, the clouds and wind just as they were 2 billion years ago. The trees and vegetation hundreds of millions of years old. This is the morphology primitive man was tasked with surviving in. He was challenged to survive in the raw universe with his flesh, blood and imagination.


Today modern man has been trapped into a morphological environment only tens or hundreds of years old. He has become weak, dependent, blind. While the machine that has entrapped him has grown man himself has diminished.

Primitive man was far stronger and fitter, his senses were sharp and he had inner vision, imagination.

Our modern society to him would be seen as a man trap, a death trap to ensnare the weak prey that men today have become. Ultimately to face slaughter of some kind as modern history has proven to often be the case.

You can walk away from the modern world when ever you want. Take a walk into the wilderness and discover your true purpose. To survive in the stars, the mountains and the ocean.

Just as it was a billion years ago before man.


To survive in the wild is the ultimate test of physical & mental fitness. Greater than even the test of war for the worst that war can do is send us back to the stone age.

If you can not just survive but flourish in this “real” world you will have found your true human potential. You will know that the modern world is no longer your master. No longer will it dictate your survival.

So there is a great opportunity for greater balance & perspective.

With this in mind I intend to undertake pure survival training in the wilderness. Alone without supplies for extended periods is the ultimate goal but I will build up to it sequentially.

This will require extreme strength & endurance plus many other skills. Its going to be a lot of fun.

Got a Molar out

molar cavity

If flickr is working you will see the picture above. That was a painful cavity – felt like a hornet sting at times but usually felt nothing.

I got it pulled 3 weeks back now for $40. The dentist just gave me a local & yanked it. No cleaning the hole or stitches. It was meant to have healed by now.

Well I took pain killers for 4 days afterward and the pain subsided. It wasn’t as bad as the cavity anyway. Then the gums began to regrow.
At some point about a week back the gum got infected. No pain just swelling and pus so I called the dentist yesterday & he said to go in today.

He immediately gave me a shot and started sucking bits of infected gum out. There was blood all over the place & I could feel it scraping the bone. I expected to be right back to square one after.

Well thank heavens the anaesthetic wore off and there is zero pain at all – none. So its nothing like the extraction.

He cleaned the wound properly and gave it stitches. I am on antibiotics too. My only fear now is the dreaded dry socket. That would be the icing on the fricken cake.

All along I cant eat a decent steak or lift real heavy – its a son of a bitch.

E is for Endurance

super E

Consider this as it is how a great genius trained…

E = The number of days you have cycled (or other) more than E number of miles (or other)

Now the great genius was Eddington & his cycling E = 87

But you could do this with Kettlebell swings, snatches, hindu squats, any number of things. You could substitute weight vest hiking for cycling for example.

So E is your Endurance personal best.

Eddingtons Number

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