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My current supplement regimen

Here is a pic of the supplements I currently use…


In the foreground is a packet of tribulus from – this will last me for years (until it expires).

Above that are two packets of pine pollen bought from China off ebay. Next to those is a packet of nettle root from ebay.

Then the containers at the rear from the left are Vitamin C, Two containers of acetyl-L-carnitine from that will last until 2015, a container of Beta Glucan from purebulk, Two year supply of Creatine from nutrabio, multi vitamin, grape seed extract & finally two bottles of colostrum which is abundant locally.

Here’s why I take this stuff:

Pine Pollen
Nettle Root

These are basically my Pro Testosterone & Anti Estrogenic stack.


Contains Igf Insulin like growth factor & I like to let these melt under my tongue.

Vitamin C
Multi Vitamin
Grape extract

Contains resveratrol and quercetin for mitochondria production, general health

Beta Glucan

I take this exclusively to boost my immune system, the colostrum also has immunological compounds as does the multi vitamin.

Creatine Monohydrate

Well you all know what that’s for. Interestingly the Pine Pollen is a complete protein. Creatine contains three amino acids.


This stuff is great for the liver and can actually cure NASH – non alcoholic liver syndrome or fatty liver. My liver blood profile is usually out a bit so I take this stuff. Combined with the green tea and creatine it is also a great brain tonic. Pine Pollen is also good for the liver.

I also drink lots of green tea and oolong tea everyday. I cant take all of the supplements in the world but that is why I take what I take.

Here are a couple of Kettlebell tips for you…

Here are a couple of Kettlebell tips for you…

One concerns push-pull training. Basically when performing an exercise such as the over head press you want to counter that with a pulling exercise such as the pullup hanging from a bar.
Neglecting to do so overtime will reduce the gains from the exercise by weakening the joint and muscular balance. This in turn affects the crucial nervous connection that fires the muscles.

Always balance your workouts on the day with push-pull. Another good example is super setting heavy bench press with heavy lat pull downs. This is how I built my muscular back – always pinching the shoulder blades through the entire bench press. I got up to 400 lbs on the bench machine and over 250 lbs on the lat pull down.

Without the counter balance push-pull I would not have achieved such heavy weight. I have taken a break from this super set for some months which is good from a long term perspective. Right now my bench will be much less than 400 for reps but I will return to the training eventually and get it above that level.

My second tip refers to Kettlebells and saving a bit of cash. Here in New Zealand my new kettlebells cost me about $100 each. But as you can see from the photo, simply duct taping a 2 KG plate to the base allows you to increment the weight without buying a new KB.

I would think you can add 1, 2 or 3 2kg plates in this way giving you a maximum 6 additional KG’s which means you can miss out a weight level for your next kettlebell purchase.

Say you have a pair of 24’s like I have. You can add weight making them 26, 28 & 30 KG’s. Then buy a 32 KG pair when you are ready – not needing to buy a 28 KG pair. Hence $200 saved. The 2 KG increment is much more comfortable than 4KG too.

Duct tape is so handy.


More Kettlebell Photos

Here I am with my 90 lb kettlebell having cleaned it into the rack position…

kettlebell rack

ketttlebell rack back

kettlebell rack side

kb rack

I love lifting the heavy bell and can clean it OK but am still unable to press the 40 kgs overhead. Some work with 24 kg turkish get ups should enable me to press and snatch the 90 pounder after some months.

Here are a few pics with the 40 lb weight vest and two 50 lb kettlebells…

weight vest

weight vest kettlebells

weight vest kettlebells

weight vest

Here I am completing an overhead press with the two 50 pounders…

overhead press

over head press

This is the tricep move for the shrug – you can also bend over at the waist and do it as a row

tricep shrug

A Double Kettlebell Workout

Decided to do a quick session today with two 24KG kettlebells.

double kettlebell press

I do quite a lot of double presses and cleans as I want to get good at long cycle – it will take me 3 years I’m sure.

double shoulder press

I also like to throw in some easy shrugs…

kettlebell shrug

When doing these you can hit the triceps by bending the elbows back.

Here I am cleaning the bells …

kettlebell clean

…and in the rack

kettlebell rack

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