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My current supplement regimen

Here is a pic of the supplements I currently use…


In the foreground is a packet of tribulus from – this will last me for years (until it expires).

Above that are two packets of pine pollen bought from China off ebay. Next to those is a packet of nettle root from ebay.

Then the containers at the rear from the left are Vitamin C, Two containers of acetyl-L-carnitine from that will last until 2015, a container of Beta Glucan from purebulk, Two year supply of Creatine from nutrabio, multi vitamin, grape seed extract & finally two bottles of colostrum which is abundant locally.

Here’s why I take this stuff:

Pine Pollen
Nettle Root

These are basically my Pro Testosterone & Anti Estrogenic stack.


Contains Igf Insulin like growth factor & I like to let these melt under my tongue.

Vitamin C
Multi Vitamin
Grape extract

Contains resveratrol and quercetin for mitochondria production, general health

Beta Glucan

I take this exclusively to boost my immune system, the colostrum also has immunological compounds as does the multi vitamin.

Creatine Monohydrate

Well you all know what that’s for. Interestingly the Pine Pollen is a complete protein. Creatine contains three amino acids.


This stuff is great for the liver and can actually cure NASH – non alcoholic liver syndrome or fatty liver. My liver blood profile is usually out a bit so I take this stuff. Combined with the green tea and creatine it is also a great brain tonic. Pine Pollen is also good for the liver.

I also drink lots of green tea and oolong tea everyday. I cant take all of the supplements in the world but that is why I take what I take.

Immune Boosting Supplements – Beta Glucan & Colostrum

Here in Auckland, New Zealand we just had the coldest winter in 90 years. It actually snowed slightly in Auckland which has only happened twice in 100 years.

On top of this there were three nasty strains of influenza going around including swine flu. I would say roughly half the people I know had the flu this year and because of the weather it was particularly hard to shake.

Not having had the flu for a few years and without a vaccination, with my intense strength/endurance training of late, I was vulnerable to getting the virus.

I got the flu three times this winter. It kicked my ass. In all I spent an entire month sick as hell in bed. While outside it rained and froze. Now that really sucked and wasted much time.

The probiotics I was taking did not help and in fact probably contributed to the dreadful diarrhea I had with the final flu bout. I was taking lifestream probiotics which have a variety of bacterial strains.

Some of the probiotic strains do not mix well with cold and flu while others are helpful. After this experience I have decided not to use probiotics ever again.

It was bad trust me.

OK so what I needed as I kept falling ill and not shaking the virus off fully was an immune boost. Here in New Zealand Bovine Colostrum is in ample supply so I got some and there was an immediate improvement in my health.

Now I am also taking Beta Glucan to further strengthen my immunity. I got 500 gms from Enough to last several years on a 100 mg dose. But it expires 2014 so I will just use it all by then.

Now both of these substances are proven to greatly enhance immunity. Beta Glucan can even protect from cancer and radiation poisoning. I made a previous post about barley beta glucan but my present batch is derived from yeast.

I will keep you guys posted as to the effectiveness and as I ramp up my weight vest and kettlebell training in the coming weeks.

I am now snatching 200 reps with a 20 KG kettlebell having managed 500 with the 16 KG.

I also bought a 140 lb weight vest from MIR and will get some steel for that soon I will get a set of their weighted shorts too which will take it close to 200 lbs.

In short with this kind of training your immunity takes a big hit without adequate nutrition and supplementation

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