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A 90 minute weight vest hike in Auckland City

I live in Auckland New Zealand. A city of 1.5 million. Probably I will leave soon as the economy is getting worse.
Today I went on my usual weight vest route. I walk down to the water front, past the ports to Tamaki Drive.

From there I will often take a 3-5 or even 6 hour hike along the water front.


Here is the view outside my apartment block. That’s Queen street – main street Auckland.

gareth morgan thomas

Here’s me in my 18 kg weight vest setting off on a short 90 minute hike.


A view of downtown Auckland.

tamaki drive

It normally takes an hour to walk to this spot and I consider it usually to be the “start” – either of a run to the beach way around the bays or a long grueling weight vest hike. My vest hikes I usually begin at 4 or 5 am when there is nobody around and it is cooler.

tamaki drive

As you can see there are thousands of rocks and boulders down here – often I will do a stone lifting session.

gareth morgan thomas

A 90 minute hike is fairly painless. Generally the pain & fatigue kick in around the 3 hour mark. Anything over that like 5-6 hours is hell. I dont take breaks longer that 10-15 minutes on my hikes. Always with a minimum 40 lb vest.

This year I am getting into “Iron Wire” Kungfu

This year I am getting into “Iron Wire” as well as the Iron crotch

Iron wire is in reference to the tendons & sinews. It is also called Iron Thread. The Japanese Okinawan’s started doing it also and its known as Sanchin Kata in Karate & the Japanese Pangai Noon Karate is actually Chinese Boxing as the originator learned it in China & returned to Okinawa to teach it further there.

Iron wire & Sanchin are similar – the set is performed under full body isometric tension. There is an emphasis on breathing patterns and withstanding striking in the stances of the set – in this way it is related to Iron Shirt also.

Because it is dynamic moving exercise performed under full muscular tension it develops tendon strength.

I already do Iron palm & iron arm daily. Now I will add the forms for Iron body, Sanchin & Iron Thread along with the Iron Shirt massage & beating. I also intend to begin Iron Crotch this year.

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