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Fake Intestinal Cleasing Scam !!!

Man this is soooo Puke makingly GROSS i had to post it.

First check out these pics on google —>
Its totally disgusting and i have no doubt that these are real pics.

Heres the scam. These people have been consuming clay powder and fibre !!!
This concoction is supposed to cleanse them. But guess what, there was no gunk inside of them prior to eating the cleanser.

Its called mucoid plaque by the scammers – totally bogus. Think about it. If you need a colonoscopy you take laxatives to clear your bowels, and nothing like that comes out.

I got Muscled Out of my Apartment !!!

I cant believe what went down at my aprtment building this week. I got muscled out by a drug dealer. Basically there are 60 people in the complex and about 6 of them are meth smokers.
They just moved in over the last few months. These guys were crazy like animals and were about to be evicted. Instead they set up the manager of the place and got her fired and her husband banned from the property with a false drug complaint.

After this i went to the police and the owner of the building but the guy leasing the place wouldnt kick them out. I’m a clean living guy and dont even drink beer. Well they found out I went to the police and it started to get nasty. I managed to get all my stuff out and into storage while avoiding a violent confrontation.

Unfortunately it means the release of my first free ebook will be delayed by a few days. It will be a muscle anatomy manual. You folks will love it I’m sure and I’ll set up a webpage with some free teaser pics too.

Welcome to

Hey welcome to my new website and this is the blog of course.

I guess Ill keep a training diary of sorts here, give news updates, post video’s and contests and also communicate with you folks through comments.

If you pump iron and love working out then you will find plenty of value in the coming months.

For now i have a benchpress video i just stuck up on youtube.


Hope you find it usefull. Most folks would be lifting alot more if they isolate properly. Next post I’ll share my Bench Press warmup technique.

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