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Bench Press Secrets Manual Coming Soon

Hey folks I’m putting together a new manual specifically on bench press.

It will be pretty factual and straight to the point covering the following so far:

Bench Press Anatomy

Bench Press Bio Mechanics

Bench Press Form

Bench Press Routines


Its fully illustrated and so far I am up to about 20 pages. I hope to get it to between 30 and 50 pages.

This WILL NOT be a freebie but will be super cheap like about $7 – $27 maybe. I have all the bench press manuals and books so am extracting the best information and putting it all into my manual.

Join my optin list and download the anatomy manual to be informed when the bench manual is available.

Welcome to

Hey welcome to my new website and this is the blog of course.

I guess Ill keep a training diary of sorts here, give news updates, post video’s and contests and also communicate with you folks through comments.

If you pump iron and love working out then you will find plenty of value in the coming months.

For now i have a benchpress video i just stuck up on youtube.


Hope you find it usefull. Most folks would be lifting alot more if they isolate properly. Next post I’ll share my Bench Press warmup technique.

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