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Peace of Mind

The things that provide Peace of Mind are simple things. Many people lack Peace of Mind because they seek it from the wrong things.

Money for example with or without does not provide Peace of Mind. Without it you worry how to make ends meet. With it your problems are amplified.

Relationships and emotional entanglements certainly do not provide it.

Here are the things that do provide true Peace of Mind…

Peace and Quiet
Physical Culture

Those things in a proper balance and application can provide what we all seek – sanity.

Solitude and silence in a beautiful natural environment are great. But to enjoy these things your physical & mental state must be well.

You must make your own explorations of physical culture & mentalism.

Erotisism is just a bit of the old nookie, not an obsessive love affair – just a bit of a spice up.
For me that means shagging a few hot chicks and hanging out at the strip club.

These things I find can remove the petty madness of society and the world from my thoughts.

Free Power Twister Training Report

This is a quick report about Power Twister training. I love these things and have used them on and
off for years. But I always felt that the way I used them was kind of redundant.
Lets face it there are only a limited number of exercises you can do and years ago there was not
much variety in torsion strength.

These days you can get Power Twisters in a wide variety of resistances. I have two, a 40kg and a
60kg. I know they come much harder than that too.

The device itself does not have variable resistance – nobody invented that yet as far as I know.
OK so limited exercises and a variety of fixed torsions. What can we do to fully utilize the device?
Well isometric holds are the first thing and most natural apart from just bending the spring we can
maintain the tension at various holds.

Well I figured two more ways to use the Power Twister giving four methods:

Dynamic Tension
Dynamic Bending

Download the PDF Report here Power Twister Training

Finally it seems Power Twisters come in 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 , 80 and 100 kilogram torsions – Google Python Power Twister to get the bad ass 100kg ones.

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