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MIR 140lb PRO Weight Vest – Got me one

I actually got my MIR vest some two years ago when they had a sale. Living in New Zealand the shipping cost with the steel was over $1000 so obviously I bought it without for only $70 or so. But unfortunately the only local solution for the 140 lbs of weight involved me cutting & epoxying a lot of rebar.

So it sat in its box for a whole two years while I sweated it out. Finally I had $300 on hand for the rebar and was about to score when I recalled a local fitness supplier elitefitness was recently selling weight vests with steel blocks. I decided to see if these would fit my MIR vest & if so would they sell me 46 blocks.

Well it turned out their blocks are a teeny bit lighter – 46 blocks are 100 lbs not 140 but I scored immediately for $180.

Amazingly I now have a 100lb brand new weight vest for less that it would have cost retail in the USA – I’m very happy.

The MIR is very comfortable and snug. My first session was a one hour hike with 60lbs – I’m used to 40 from my old vest.

It started great but by the end I only just made it home – the home leg is up a steep hill & I was huffing & puffing – then I had an hours nap.

Here are a couple of places telling you how to assemble the vest:

MIR Instructions

Below is the link that saved my butt – would never have figured it out otherwise…

Best Instructions for MIR vest

Finally some videos from youtube & then my personal pictures…

Here’s Me.

weight vest

Here’s the vest.

MIR PRO weight vest

I look like an Australian Commando.

Weight Vest 100 lbs

MIR weight vest

MIR PRO 140 weight vest

Running for bigger athletes and lifters

I’m 100KG and back in my army days I was 85-90 KG’s. Certainly I had no problem running back then as I was an infantryman. I never enjoyed it however and always wondered how to improve my style.

Well technique is more important the more you weigh & being large does not mean you are doomed to be a bad runner.

You need to check out the POSE running technique.


It really is the best advise on running I have come across & I expect to get back into it this summer

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