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Here’s my bod at 46 years old

I’m not a fat impotent grey haired fucker yet – don’t wanna be ever

gareth morgan thomas

gareth morgan thomas

Height 5ft 11inch
Weight 100kg
Age 46
Weight Training 30 years

…However my latest blood test revealed nasty levels of triglycerides & a bad cholesterol ratio. So I am cutting out chocolate biscuits and all the rest of the junk. I started taking aspirin every night & Niacin. Next I will add phytosterols which will enable me to eat a more calorie dense diet without absorbing cholesterol.

The thing with triglycerides is they will rocket up if you say – munch on a whole packet of chocolate in one setting everyday for a year .. um yep I did.

So I cut it out no. Anyway if you focus carefully on glycemic index you can add some calorie dense foods back in while preventing the triglyceride spike – to do this there needs to be sufficient fibre & low glycemic food to keep the sugar effects down.

Power Wheel’s Rock

I was near the fitness store last week and had been meaning to get a Power Wheel so I popped in and got one for $60.

This is great…

Power Wheel

Its gotta be the best option for all core muscles including lower back not just abs and for upper body too.

Here are two reports to prove it…

Power Wheel Report #1

Power Wheel Report #2

As you can see the Power Wheel is two times as effective for EMG activation than anything else in the muscles of the core.

I have one and will use this all the time now. I fully vouch for those experimental findings. I give it a 9 out of 10.

power wheel

New Cycleway & running track right outside my door

I’m stoked I just got a new running track like 100ft from my bedroom door. I live right in the CBD in Auckland new zealand and they put this cycle track in.

cycle track

cycle track auckland

It couldn’t be more convenient – the track is one mile nearly exactly from my place to beach road down town. Much of that is downhill.


grafton cycle track

Here is the famous grafton bridge.

grafton bridge

..well famous in New Zealand aye

I will be using the track for weight vest hikes, running and probably cycling when I get a bike. Did a hike with 70 lbs the other day. First mile was OK but the mile back which is up hill was taxing by the end.

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