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Bulgarian training with Kettebells

You may be familiar with the training programs from OTS Optimum Training Systems. These are based upon research into bulgarian & Russian weight training. There is a website where you can get the ebook Big Beyond Belief” Big Beyond Belief

I recommend this ebook and basically it will give you a framework around which to structure your training.

They have a couple of older programs floating around too, titan training & bulgarian power burst.

Basically compound exercises that require maximum neurological response are used – hence heavy kettlebells are ideal for many exercises. Training is more frequent than you may be used to – I have nearly completed the first week of preliminary training & feel quite fatigued.

But I can tell a good program after 28 years of lifting & this is good – I think I could quite easily get up to 250 lbs on this system.

CT Fletcher I Command you to Grow!

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