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Rotator Cuff Injury

I have never had any shoulder injury or weakness in 32 years of lifting. 3 and a half weeks back I did an 80lb weight vest session. As I put the vest on I kind of dropped it onto my shoulders in an awkward position. I noticed some minor shoulder pain but continued.

The shoulder pain is minor but has persisted for all this time nearly a month now. I knew all along it was rotator cuff when it did not go away after a couple of days. Thus I have been doing the standard things. Rest initially, I did not ICE but should have on the first & second day. Total cessation of overhead & bench press. Many exercises have zero pain such as heavy side holds with KB’s. Isometric press in a doorway. Most isometrics dont hurt. Kettlebell swings dont hurt.

What does hurt is anything overhead or behind my back. I am lucky its a level one tear only. I went to physio on Monday and he tested it out, said I have bursitis and a possible tear but my pain levels and range of motion are good.

I went for xrays and ultrasound today which revealed a small subscapularis tendon tear, bursitis and inflamation.

So I am in for a couple of months of physio – possibly a bit more to get it back to heavy overhead lifting. Certainly two months to normal use.

Lots of isometrics and rotator cuff stuff. Its surprising with this injury – which incedentally I have always feared, it hurts much less than I thought. But I only have a small tear. The ultrasound technician said most of the pain will be from the bursitis and inflamation not the tear.

Honestly it does not hurt much but I am not dumb. This is a potential disaster if the tear gets worse or comes back so I have altered my exercise accordingly.

Not the end of the world, life goes on & training goes on.

Hypoxic Weight Vest Training

Want a simple uncomplicated workout that pushes you to the physiological & psychological brink?

Here I am with my elevation mask & 80lb weight vest.


elevation mask

Just put them on & walk for 40-60 minutes.

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