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Pine Pollen Update

Very good news concerning Pine Pollen & Deer Antler

I made a post some time ago extolling the use of these natural extracts. Well it seemed to fall short as while they do indeed contain an awesome profile of anabolic and health enhancing substances, oral absorbtion falls far short of making them useful. Even making tinctures using alcohol seemed to fall short. The alcohol may well extract many of the compounds but they still only pass minimally into the blood stream.

Well fortuitously I tore my rotator cuff. I developed bursitis and in the process of researching joint pain & inflammation cures I came accross good old DMSO.

DMSO is a chemical we have all heard of but many may have forgotten as I did.

DMSO is an organic solvent, largely non-toxic with many pleasant health side effects. Relevant to Pine Pollen and Antler is the fact that it transports chemicals through the skin and into the blood stream. In the case of testosterone the valid research indicates it is close to 100% absorbtion.

So if one uses DMSO instead of alcohol then you have a tincture that is better than medical hormone replacement – problem solved.

Be aware this will definitely lead to testicular shutdown so its up to you to determine a suitable administration protocol.

Also DMSO is a double edged sword. While it is non toxic it will transport any toxin directly into your blood. So if you are sloppy about how you use it death & organ damage are a definite possibility, or cancer down the track.

You must take meticulous care to use only pure compounds that do not contain any contaminants, all storage vessels and application utensils must be preferably glass.

No messing about with this stuff as the physiological effect is exacly the same as injection. FDA has all but banned it and consider why – every cannabis, meth & heroin addict would be poisoning themselves to death if it caught on.

My current supplement regimen

Here is a pic of the supplements I currently use…


In the foreground is a packet of tribulus from – this will last me for years (until it expires).

Above that are two packets of pine pollen bought from China off ebay. Next to those is a packet of nettle root from ebay.

Then the containers at the rear from the left are Vitamin C, Two containers of acetyl-L-carnitine from that will last until 2015, a container of Beta Glucan from purebulk, Two year supply of Creatine from nutrabio, multi vitamin, grape seed extract & finally two bottles of colostrum which is abundant locally.

Here’s why I take this stuff:

Pine Pollen
Nettle Root

These are basically my Pro Testosterone & Anti Estrogenic stack.


Contains Igf Insulin like growth factor & I like to let these melt under my tongue.

Vitamin C
Multi Vitamin
Grape extract

Contains resveratrol and quercetin for mitochondria production, general health

Beta Glucan

I take this exclusively to boost my immune system, the colostrum also has immunological compounds as does the multi vitamin.

Creatine Monohydrate

Well you all know what that’s for. Interestingly the Pine Pollen is a complete protein. Creatine contains three amino acids.


This stuff is great for the liver and can actually cure NASH – non alcoholic liver syndrome or fatty liver. My liver blood profile is usually out a bit so I take this stuff. Combined with the green tea and creatine it is also a great brain tonic. Pine Pollen is also good for the liver.

I also drink lots of green tea and oolong tea everyday. I cant take all of the supplements in the world but that is why I take what I take.

Testosterone DHEA & Androgens in Pine Pollen

This is a breakthrough for me – especially at 43 with andropause about to kick my ass for good.

testosterone decline

I just found out last week that “Pine Pollen” of all things is chocked full of male sex hormones and is the most potent plant steroid (sterol)

pine pollen

People seem to have a couple of points of confusion :

1. YES IT IS ABSORBED – but you must use a sub-lingual tincture – mix it with alcohol, let it cure for a month, then apply under your tongue 3x per day.

2. Does it work ? What the hell do you think? It contains Testosterone, DHEA, Androsterone, Androstenedione a full spectrum of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and a bunch of other stuff.


pine pollen

Ok so basically testosterone and DHEA are illegal here in New Zealand & most GP doctors are soft asses that bend over backwards to avoid physical exercise. I wouldn’t even bother with the medical BS required to get on hormone replacement here. Now I don’t have to worry about the quacks approval.

pine pollen

Pine Pollen is legal and abundant and best of all FREE.

pine pollen

LOL this is what I would like my androgen profile to look like 😉

I must add though that there are a few other herbs you want to take with this stuff. For example as you get older there is a compound SHGB that converts testosterone to oestrogen which increases with age. You will need to take Nettle Root along with your pine pollen to prevent this from happening – otherwise the increased testosterone will turn against you. But the nettle root works so its not going to be a problem.

You can also add Asian and American ginseng, Saw palmetto and tribulus.

Look for the book “Natural Testosterone Solution” for more information.

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