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The versatility of Kettlebells

At first sight kettlebells dont seem versatile in the least. A set bunch of weights and 4kg between them. The weights they come in are not even high.

But the seasoned lifter knows better. Most of the resistance from kettlebells is in the form of torque. Over which you have 100% control – even though nobody created the electronics to directly measure it yet.

Rest assured it is in the hundreds of pounds.

So while you may be swinging 24 or 32kg of steel – the actual resistance is far far more and you can vary it as you please.

If you are tight for cash you can tape plates to the bottom of your kettlebells or tape them together at the handles.

Just like I do to lift more weight:

taped kettlebells

kettlebell swing

1 hour of intense exercise can add 10 hours to your life

OK I came across this fact yesterday so lets calculate:

I have been training 30 years roughly

3x per week for 40 minutes approximately

So 3 X 40 X 52 X 30 = 187200 minutes of exercise

Probably its more but never mind

So we multiply by 10 = 1872000

Thats how many extra minutes of life I have earned

Thats 31200 hours = 185 weeks = 3 1/2 years

LOL 3 and a half years –> not much really

Maybe I should have become a ditch digger

Update on Autogenics

I have been doing autogenic meditation for many months now – usually 2 or 3 sessions daily minimum.

I usually do two short sessions and a long one at bed time.

To assist I have a sound and light machine, a CES and a ganzfeld mask.

I bought a bunch of the best books on autogenics off amazon before beginning:

Autogenic Training: The Effective Holistic Way to Better Health
by Dr. Kai Kermani

Autogenic Therapy Volume 1 Autogenic Method
by Wolfgang Luthe

The Jack Schwarz Method of Autogenics

…and several others.

Basically through deep relaxation autogenics heals psychosomatic illness and symptoms. Improvements in memory, imagination, smell & taste etc can result. Any stress related illnesses can be prevented or reversed.

Yes my ability to visualize is gradually improving. More in stops and starts really as when I do get clear images they are crystal clear.

Also things like my sense of taste – this morning it was like I could feel every nerve in my tongue while meditating.

Another method I have found that is ideal to do along with autogenics is the sedona method for emotional control.

At the moment I am working on increasing the length of time I can stay in the autogenic state undisturbed. In a few months this will result in the imagery and visualization ability to become fully activated.

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