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OK now we have all heard about peptides right. Those injections some dudes take when they have injured a tendon or torn a muscle. Well yeah thats all well & good if you want to order them & make sure its a good supplier and then actually take the needle.

But face it compared to SARM’s & bioidentical hormones what can they do?

I mean it sounds like they have potential for further research but thats it right?

No – Peptides are & can do far more. In fact there are peptides that can lengthen your telomeres, there are nootropic peptides, cardio vascular peptides in fact there are peptides for every organ system in your body.

So you are saying yeah sure somewhere in a secret research lab or at some university.

No- that was 30 years ago. You see the peptides we are used to here in western sports medicine are frankly – not that good – compared to the peptides developed & tested on humans in Russia for the last 30 years.

Peptides with names like Epitalon, Thymuson, Endoluten, there are over 30 in fact.

Heres the deal. These were initially developed by the Soviet military to enable soldiers & astronauts to survive nuclear war & the radiation in space.

The man that devloped these compounds is Dr Khavinson & he is now 70 and still rather spritely.

Dr Khavinson is now a gerontologist & the goal of his research is to enable human survival to 120 years.

Many people have used these peptides for 20 years so there is a wealth of research & evidence. Nothing like this exists in the west. The Russians it appears were way ahead in peptide research.

Epitalon the pineal peptide is the one that extends telomere length. It is also a nootropic but they have two other nootropics too.

All of this stuff is available now, over the counter & it is cheap & medically proven.

Some research by the doctor:

His personal website:

Now normally with peptides I like to advise caution but in this instance I dont need to. There is 30 years of medical research backing it up. I say knock yourself out & shoot for 120.

Video – kind of cheesey but worth a watch:

1 hour of intense exercise can add 10 hours to your life

OK I came across this fact yesterday so lets calculate:

I have been training 30 years roughly

3x per week for 40 minutes approximately

So 3 X 40 X 52 X 30 = 187200 minutes of exercise

Probably its more but never mind

So we multiply by 10 = 1872000

Thats how many extra minutes of life I have earned

Thats 31200 hours = 185 weeks = 3 1/2 years

LOL 3 and a half years –> not much really

Maybe I should have become a ditch digger

Dr Spock – Activate my Telomerase

As you should know telomeres are the end caps on your chromosomes that break down over time.
This is how nature kills us through natural aging. Other factors can cause cellular damage but it is the breakdown of the telomeres that is the fundamental aging mechanism.

The body uses an enzyme called telomerase to repair the telomeres – all of this is old news (no pun intended).

So what we want to do is activate the telomerase enzyme to repair our healthy cells and prolong life – potentially indefinitely with this biotechnology.

Certain enzymes inhibit telomerase in such a way that destroys cancer cells & others activate it in such a way that restores healthy cells that we don’t want to age. The aging in the cells can be reversed by restoring the telomeres.

OK like I said this is old news, now products exist that do this. Cycloastragenol is a saponin from the Chinese herb astragalus – not just any astragalus though. TA-65, is the telomerase activator agent derived from the Chinese astragalus plant.

Geron corporation is distributing this product under license. are the original developers of the substance. Unfortunately as is often the case just taking astragalus is not going to save you as you need piles of the stuff to extract a daily dose.

Telomerase activation does hold the key to biological life extension.


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