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Autogenic mind power

Some months ago i began autogenics training from scratch. Its not my first foray into the technique as many years ago i could get into theta at will after practising autogenics for a year or so. What evaded me however was the deep visualization of the advanced methods. The holding of a colour field for example I could not do – only a murky haze. This was both a frustration & a disappointment.
There are no autogenics therapists in New Zealand and shamefully only 2 or 3 neurofeedback practitioners. So there is no choice here but self training. There is at least a floatation center in town.

If you are unfamiliar with Autogenics it is a method of training to quickly induce deep trance & deep relaxation while over a period of months healing & rejuvenating the central nervous system & brain.

The standard exercises involve verbal reinforcement during progressive relaxation. Preferably a month is spent on each formula.

1. My right (dominant) arm is heavy

2. My arms & legs are warm and heavy

3. My heart beat is calm and steady

4. My breathing is calm and regular

5. My solar plexus is warm & glowing

6. My forehead is cool and dry

While affirming these verbal commands in ones mind the body is in one of several relaxation postures. My favourite is flat on my back on the bed. The environment must be very quiet and warm with no distractions.

The session must last only 10-15 minutes max for the first 6 months. This is because you are training yourself to quickly enter deep relaxation. During this process your brain will heal & regenerate removing neurosis & psychosomatic illness. Sessions are done 2-3 times a day.

As you move on to the next formula you briefly reaffirm the previous ones, the focus most of the session is on the affirmation for that month. The whole thing is done with passive concentration not will power. You just relax in the posture & make the affirmations while focussing on the body process – let the brain do the rest itself.

What happens is day to day thoughts intrude, twitches, itches etc. You simply have a scratch, put thoughts aside and continue with the session – which removes anxiety by itself.

So its very easy.

After the standard exercises comes the advanced stage. Now as a kid I recall doing this stuff myself naturally without ever having heard of autogenics. I would lie in bed at night or in the morning in total relaxation and see clearly a full pure field of a single colour. This is a Theta brainwave state, perhaps borderline alpha/theta.

So this is the first of the advanced exercises.

7. I see a pure field of a single colour (the one you mind chooses)

8. I see a full pure field of (any colour you please)

9 I see a solid 3D object (such as an apple, a cup etc)

10. See a movie (in your mind vividly)

11. Meditate upon a mental concept such as a philosophical value

12. Ask your subconscious for answers to problems.

Now its important to note that there is a big transition between exercise 6 and 7. This involves the length of time in trance. The standard exercises are done for a short time period to train you to enter trance. The meditative sessions are done for 30-60 minutes at a time. You must gradually increase the duration and depth of the meditation after the standard exercises from 15 minutes up to 60 minutes.

Once you can remain in deep meditation for 30 – 60 minutes only then should you begin exercise 7. You should take six months to lengthen your sessions. You can also work on deepening the trance during this time. This is not an approximation of how long it should take. It is a prescription – you must take six months to gradually ease into it. This is because the whole process is gently healing and developing your nervous system.

You will have spent six months already on the standard exercises gaining the benefits of 2-3 deep relaxation sessions daily. Now you spend another six months practising very healthy beneficial deep meditation sessions up to an hour long. For your mind and body it is a great tonic.

What ever neurological conditions you have holding you back will have time to heal during this period of rejuvenation. Then you can begin with the advanced exercises.

Things that can help in the advanced stage are biofeedback, CES (cranial electro stimulation), floatation and brainwave entrainment.

So for me I am beginning the transition from 6 to 7 now. I have just made a CES device & have several biofeedback devises such as skin temp, GSR, EEG & EMG. I also have a good sound & light meditation machine. I will use the floatation center in town also.

What can you do once you have mastered the Advanced Training?

Full sensory visualization & somnambulistic hypnosis. You can also control body processes & recuperate much faster. Boost immunity. Practice advanced QiGong, Hypnosis etc. Basically it opens you up to be able to practise a wide variety of other advanced therapeutic methods too.

So its awesome.

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