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Warrior + Paleo +Anabolic Diets

For many years I was around 13 – 14 stone. Muscular, young and with an excellent blood profile for all markers. I never have even seen let alone used steroids.

When I was a teen I was anorexic and a drug addict. I was 6 stone at 16 and nearly died. Body building saved my life. I doubled my weight in six months from 6 to 12 stone. This was a phenomenal ego boost.
Any way when I was about 27 I was introduced to a high starch diet. Again a massive gain in muscle occurred.

After years of struggling to gain weight my muscle exploded & I got up to 220 lbs pretty easy. But as you should know a high carb diet also packs on more fat. For the first time in my life , while I was muscular and athletic, fat actually became a health concern.

no steroids

At 44 & 230 lbs 20% body fat it still is today so a few weeks back I decided to try Paleo Diet. I have been on Warrior diet for quite some time & that diet has helped keep my belly fat at bay some what. My hope was that Paleo could take me down to 10% body fat and maintain my muscle mass – or even increase it.

I have done Paleo for 3 weeks now so I can fill you in.

PRO: If you want to weigh around 180 lbs give or take 20 lbs then Paleo will work for you.

CON: If you want to be big and muscular Paleo wont work – its too hard to get the required energy intake to be say 220 or more lbs.

PRO: It is great being on a healthier nutrient profile

CON: I have felt very low in energy during many workouts

PRO: I lost gut fat fast

CON: I lost muscle size too (was it visceral fat ? – I don’t think so)

My verdict on Paleo – I will continue to shun dairy and grains – but apart from that this diet is for skinny men – not me.

OK so I will keep the aspects of Paleo I know are good. No dairy (except for whey, casein, colostrum) & no grains.

My experiment has led me to “The Anabolic Diet” which I read about before but never tried. You can do this diet while sticking to most of the Warrior & Paleo principles. Just that on Anabolic you add more fat during the week & you carb load on the weekend.

I am just starting Anabolic Diet – I know it has similarities to the Ketogenic Diet & BodyOpus Diet

Ok so I know already I am gunna end up with a Hybrid diet that suits me. I will keep you informed of the results.

Books you want…

warrior diet

Warrior Diet
Anti-Estrogenic Diet

paleo diet

Paleo Diet
Primal Blueprint

anabolic diet

Anabolic Diet
Ketogenic Diet
Body Opus

Body Opus

OK there is enough reading & Dietary information there for you to experiment for a year and find the right mix for your goals and body.

Warrior + Paleo Diet

I started Warrior Diet a couple of years back & it took me from 30 – 20% body fat. Now I am 230 lbs and 20% fat I want to get down to 10 – 8%.

To do this I am combining Warrior and Paleo – as on just Warrior I was still wolfing down huge amounts of dairy like yoghurt & milk plus lots of potatoes.

Yoghurt & potatoes are probably two of the best weight gain foods when combined with a healthy diet.

Now I have cut them and all grains – my waist has immediately shrunk in just 9 days. I have lost a few KG too but that is not my goal.

My goal is to maintain at least 100 kg body weight but alter the composition to 10% or there about body fat. I don’t want to go below 8%.

I also don’t want to lose muscle mass so I will build up on Kettlebell Complexes and heavy basic deadlifts, squat & bench. I also am getting some whey.

All along I am doing my knee rehab also. Hopefully in 2-3 months my body will be ripped and my knees strong enough for hard core rucking again.

Warrior Diet Update

Hey I am three weeks into this “diet” now – I am the same weight but have a tiny bit less fat on my upper abs and pecs.

At first it was tough to not eat much during the day but now I don’t even get hungry. I am considering staying on this diet for longer but if I do I will add more whey protein during the daytime fasting stage and I will do a creatine / glutamine cycle.

I will also experiment with a fat burner stack – this I will take in the morning and the creatine stack in the evening before bed as the fat burner ingredients neutralize creatine.

I should also add more HIIT cardio work to get rid of more fat without losing muscle.


Trying the “Warrior Diet” for 30 days

Yes Its time for me to get ripped at all costs. I started venesection treatment for my high blood iron but it wont be confirmed as iron loading until the results are in from the blood letting.

If its not then I have a liver problem from stuffing my face – I am doubtful though as my C reactive protein is very low which means there is no inflammation in my body.

Anyway – a fitting time & motivation to ditch my fat which resides on my abs and chest.

So for the last 2 days I have been reading the book & implementing this unusual regimen of fasting all day and literally stuffing my face for 4 hours at night.


Many debunk this diet & I can appreciate why – I will give it a 30 day trial. I dont want to get thin – just alter my body composition.

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