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Bison 1&2 Freaky Cool Russian Grip Gear

Yesterday was xmas day & I was writing the sales copy for my new book at when I came across some Russian equipment I was previously unfamiliar with. Its called the Bison-1.

bison-1 grip

bison gripper


bison bent nails

Now immediately upon sight I know this is something I want and will buy. Here are some Youtube vids too…

OK if that was not freaky enough they have a new device called the Bison-2

bison-2 gripper

Yeah i want one of these too. I looked around for suppliers as I beleive the Bison-1 is around US$150.00 from the manufacturer. is offering either device for under US$100.00 each free shipping but I can not vouch for the site.

Looks very cool to me.

Cardio indoors with zero equipment

I just did a full days work – not hard, I was painting a house. I got home tired and crashed out for 3 hours when I awoke it was 9:30pm and I felt like shit. Like I really needed a workout to burn some fat.

Outside its wet, raining. So I had all of these excuses in my head, rain, late in evening, I’m tired etc.

Solution: 30 minutes running on the spot, star jumps, skipping without a rope and jumping in place.

The result: I am sweating like a pig, my heart has been racing for 30 minutes & my calf muscles are swollen with blood and lactic acid.

Equipment required: 1 square meter of ground, one towel and one bottle of water.

No excuses & no reason this cant be done 3x per day or more.

My new book – The Grip training Handbook

I have a new book out which is just about to launch “The Grip Training Handbook”

Its chock full of tips , exercises and routines for getting super hands and fore arms

grip training

This is a heavily illustrated manual that will get you strong hands if you take advantage of the advice. Hand strength comes quickly as the muscles are only small but most people neglect this aspect of the strength chain.

As bonus’s I will include an upgraded version on my HGH guide, testoserone guide and Rib Cage expansion guide.

Once this book is launched I will follow up with a Kettlebell manual and a weight vest training manual.

You can get my “free” reports from

These will all be upgraded before being offered as bonus reports. The grip Training manual will be priced at US $37.97

My other book is “Iron Power Palm” on kung fu breaking conditioning – yes I can smash concrete with my hands.

iron palm

Notorious Liverpool street – a mean hill

I found a mean as hell hill 2 minutes walk from where I live. Its on Liverpool street and I swear this mother is on a real steep incline. I can only do about 6-7 times up it in 40 minutes without puking or hyper ventilating.

I am talking about wearing a 40lb weight vest at the same time of course.

Soon I’ll get a tire or two and some cables and do a hand pull/push sled with weight vest. Then I may well pass out or collapse almost.

Anyway this video doesn’t do justice to the hill & makes it look short and easy but its actually a mean hill.

This dude skating used to live in my neighborhood Herne Bay 20 years ago but I don’t know him. He’s a bit of a local character. I just wanted to show you guys the hill.

16 year old athlete training

OK I just saw this story in the New Zealand herald and had to share it with you guys.

This kid is only 16 and I did have a few buddies as big and strong as him at sixteen but they were forestry workers. Some of the training this guy does he definitely wont be doing five years from now. I think you can guess why.

None the less for sixteen he is very big and pretty strong.

Heres the video & story from the nzherald…

If the fact he’s reached the Olympic shot put qualifying mark at aged 16 doesn’t impress you then maybe Jacko Gill’s training methods will.

A six minute training video posted on YouTube showcases the impressive strength that Gill, one of the country’s most promising athletes in recent history, has built up as he eyes a potential medal at next year’s Olympics in London.

Some of his training methods are unusual, like jumping over a fellow teen and one-arm bench pressing a dog, but it also features some impressive work on a punching bag and medicine ball for someone his age.

In the video he also dunks a basketball hoop with a shot put, bench presses big weights with relative ease and jumps onto a 1.55m high platform from a starting start.

His father Walter told the Herald on Sunday that Jacko, who quit school to concentrate fulltime on his shot put career, trains all through the night.

“When he goes into a build-up phase, he does three training sessions a day,” says dad Walter.

“Some of them are in the middle of the night. The house shakes and the dog runs outside. We might be asleep, and he’ll be lifting weights or bounding up and down the stairs to our bedroom door.

“He’s definitely different. How we ever produced that, I’ll never know, but we’re very proud of him.”

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