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My new book – The Grip training Handbook

I have a new book out which is just about to launch “The Grip Training Handbook”

Its chock full of tips , exercises and routines for getting super hands and fore arms

grip training

This is a heavily illustrated manual that will get you strong hands if you take advantage of the advice. Hand strength comes quickly as the muscles are only small but most people neglect this aspect of the strength chain.

As bonus’s I will include an upgraded version on my HGH guide, testoserone guide and Rib Cage expansion guide.

Once this book is launched I will follow up with a Kettlebell manual and a weight vest training manual.

You can get my “free” reports from

These will all be upgraded before being offered as bonus reports. The grip Training manual will be priced at US $37.97

My other book is “Iron Power Palm” on kung fu breaking conditioning – yes I can smash concrete with my hands.

iron palm

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